Explore Jewish culture with local beer tasting

Bestellen - Explore Jewish culture with local beer tasting

This package includes visiting the most interesting places in the Jewish quarter – the synagogue, the museum of Jewish culture and the house of a Jewish shopkeeper Selingmann Bauer. You will learn about the history and interesting stories of local families. The tour takes the maximum of 2 hours. It is followed by lunch (or dinner) prepared according to traditional Jewish recipes (consisting of soup, main course and dessert). The time after the lunch (or dinner) is time for you to visit local artists´ galleries or souvenir shops where you can buy various souveniers or handmade gifts. The high point of this package is an excursion to a local URBAN brewery where you can see the whole process of beer making. During the excursion you can taste their great selection of beer. The program is fully guided. An approximate length is 6 hours.

Price per person with a minimum of 2 persons in group. Group of 5 or more persons can ask for a discount

Preis: 48

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